An emergency meeting for Korean-Japanese residents was held in Tokyo, Japan, on September 26, calling for the application of “Education for Childcare and Childcare” to the classes of Korean-Japanese shipbuilding schools.

At the rally, Nam Seung-Woo, Chairman of the Park Seung-ho and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Chairman Cho Jo-yeon, Chairman of the Chosun Japanese Democratic Women’s Union, and Japan’s Chosun Workers ‘Union, the central organs of the company, the workers’ representatives, the Kanto region’s general workers and compatriots, School students participated.

In his report, Nam Seung-woo condemned the exclusion of Chosun schools from the target of the “ Educational Infant Education, Childcare and Freedom ” system, which the Japanese authorities enforced from the first day, was the unprecedented national discrimination act and the huge anti-human abuse.

He appealed for all Koreans to stand out as one in the struggle to crush Japan’s cunning ethics.

At the rally, there were reports of the request struggles that representatives of the Korea Pre-Kindergarten Parents Association visited the Cabinet, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, and Welfare.

Representatives from all walks of life were speaking at the rally following the remarks by the representatives of the Japanese Solidarity Group.

At the rally, a request group was instituted to request the Japanese government to apply the “ infant education, childcare and liberalization ” system, and the request was adopted, and a lock cargo was screened showing the struggles of Koreans in Japan, such as request activities and emergency meetings held in various places.

Meanwhile, the representatives of the Korea Kindergarten Parents Association and their mothers held a press conference at the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to clarify the nature and injustice of Japan’s 10 million unreasonable educa- tion of national education. The Japanese authorities were asked to take action.

On the same day, the “26.26 Osaka gathering and demonstration march” was held to demand the realization of “infant education, childcare free”.

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