The mountain wall village in the hot spring tourist district of Yangdeok-gun has been selected as a new home for tens of hundreds of generations.

The small farming houses of cultural farms are equipped with living rooms, kitchens, washrooms and sanitary rooms.

In keeping with the scenic beauty of the tourist district, small-storey and single-storey houses stood in harmony with the mountainous region.

On the 6th, meetings for granting licenses for living in rural villages were held in Onjeong-ri, Samgye-ri, Eunhari, Tongdong-ri, Il-am-ri, and Sangseo-ri, Yangdong-gun, Yangdeok-gun.

Meetings were granted a house permit.

In the villages newly built on Onjeong-ri, Samgye-ri, Eunhari, Tongdong-ri, Il-am-ri, Sangsin-ri, Sangseong-ri, Sagi-ri, and Sangseo-ri, Seok-ri, Yangdeok-gun, agricultural workers and residents celebrated their new houses. (End)

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