Portugal today held a general election in Congress, according to the results of several full-scale ballots, Prime Minister Costa’s Socialist Party won the election, but failed to get more than half of the seats, meaning he will seek and other political parties Cooperation to form a coalition government.

Agence France-Presse reported that according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, 98% of the votes have been issued, showing that the ruling Socialist Party (PS) has a vote rate of 37%, followed by the center-right Social Democratic Party ( Partido Social Democrata, PSD) has a 28% vote.

This represents the socialist party that has led the Portuguese economy to grow steadily over the past four years with the support of two hard-line left parties, Left Bloc and the Portuguese Communist Party. This election will increase after the election, but still Not over half.

The re-election of Antonio Costa is contrary to the trend in other European countries. The middle-left parties in other European countries have weakened their momentum, and the far-right populist forces have emerged.

The main question at hand is what Costa will be looking for in this alliance to form a coalition government. The leader of the left-wing coalition and the Communist Party said that if the Socialist Party promised to improve labor life and is open to consultations, they would not oppose Costa’s re-election as prime minister.

Jeronimo de Souza, the Portuguese Communist Party leader, said: “The appointment of the Prime Minister by the President and the formation and operation of the new government will not be hindered. We will regard the choice of the Socialist Party, its budgetary tools and the content of the proposed bill. To decide our location.”

Left-wing coalition leader Catarina Martins said she is willing to negotiate with Costa to see if it is fully aligned with the overall legislation, or depending on individual bills. However, she stressed that “our commitment is to defend those who are committed to saving the nation’s medical services and restoring public investment.”

Reuters reported that the senior member of the Socialist Party, Ana Catarina Mendes, showed that the Socialist Party won the election in the initial invoice, but after half a seat, the ruling Socialist Party’s general election “Great Victory” will set a stable Government.

Mendes told the supporters that the Socialist Party will seek a stable four-year government solution for Portugal.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201910070034.aspx