French President Emmanuel Macron told British Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the European Union (EU) will decide this weekend, whether or not it is possible to reach a Brexit agreement.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) reported that Johnson and Johnson only proposed the latest proposal last week, saying that the EU should not “mistaken into thinking” that the UK will postpone the Brexit and renew the EU after October 31. However, according to a bill, if it fails to reach an agreement with the EU before October 19, Johnson & Johnson must ask the EU to postpone the Brexit.

In the process of talking to EU leaders, Johnson told Maggie that he believed that an agreement could be reached, but the EU must show willingness to compromise.

An official of the French presidential palace Elysee said: “President Mark Hong told Johnson and Johnson that in the next few days, he should continue to speed up negotiations with the team headed by (Military side) Michel Barnier for the weekend. Assess whether an agreement can be reached that respects EU principles.”

The UK and the EU will intensively negotiate in the remaining time and try to negotiate a new agreement to catch up with the EU summit to be held on the 17th and 18th.

A source from the Prime Minister’s Office of Downing Street said: “The United Kingdom has proposed a major proposal. The European Commission should now show a willingness to compromise, otherwise the UK will have no agreement to leave the EU.”

According to the Benn act passed by the British Parliament in September, if the Prime Minister fails to reach a Brexit agreement with Brussels before the 19th, he must request to delay the Brexit.

The source said the bill was a “surrender bill” and said that the drafters were “destroying the negotiations” and said that “if the EU leader believes that the bill can block the non-agreement of the Brexit, it will be a historical misjudgment.”

Johnson & Johnson tried to ask Mark Hong not to believe that the British Parliament will not allow the UK to leave the European Union at the end of the month, so it may indeed be the “last chance” to reach the Brexit agreement.

Johnson & Johnson will also send similar messages to other EU leaders, but so far his proposal has not yet opened further negotiations.

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