US NBA Houston Rockets general manager Murray’s previous tweets to support Hong Kong demonstrations, attracted an uproar; he issued two tweets today to clarify that there is no intention to offend the rocket in China Fans; there are US media speculation that Murray is facing a rice bowl defense battle.

On the occasion of the turmoil in Hong Kong’s “reverse delivery” demonstration, Daryl Morey’s 4th post was written with the words “FIGHT FOR FREEDOM” and “STAND WITH HONG KONG” (very Hong Kong). After the rebound, the Rockets have been in a risk management mode. Mori’s pretty Hong Kong post was later deleted.

Mori, who came to Japan to prepare for the overseas warm-up match with the Rockets, said in a tweet in Tokyo this morning: “I didn’t expect my tweet to offend the Rockets fans and my friends in China. I just want to follow a complicated event. Interpretation, expressing an idea. After tweet, I have many opportunities to listen and think about other ideas.”

“I always thank the Chinese fans and sponsors for their important support. I also hope that those who feel uncomfortable know that it is not my intention to offend or misunderstand.”

He also reiterated that his tweet “does not represent the Rockets or the NBA at all.”

After Mori made a controversy, the Rockets made a clear line with him. Team owner Tilman Fertitta is on the 4th, and Murray “doesn’t mean @ rocket talk… we are not political groups.”

After Murray’s strong rebound in China, the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) said it would cut off all relations with the Rockets.

The China Basketball Association (CBA) yesterday pointed out through the official Weibo statement that the general manager of the Houston Rockets, Murray, “publicly issued inappropriate comments about Hong Kong.” The Chinese Basketball Association expressed strong opposition to this and will suspend exchanges and cooperation with the Rockets. .

US online media SLATE reported that Morley’s two fire tweets today are not only to save the team’s business partners, but also to save their own jobs. Yesterday, other US media have revealed that “the rocket’s management team is already stimulating. Whether to re-appoint Murray and whether to replace others.”

SLATE’s report bluntly said that if the environment is ideal, Mori will not have to send these two fire-fighting tweets, but in the real world, the meaning behind these two fire-fighting tweets may be that the Rockets and even the Alliance want to find out that China is angry. The method, if you consider the “sorry” described by Mori last night as a scorpion, it is impossible to rule out the possibility that the Rockets will eventually take Murray to slash the flag.

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